Redirecting FileSystem

RedirFS is no longer developed nor maintained. If you are looking for similar functionality you can try to check out the PluginFS project.


  • RedirFS domain and project will be switched off by 2015.09.

Pimp Your Filesystem

The RedirFS or redirecting file system is a new layer between virtual file system switch (VFS) and file system drivers. It is implemented as an out-of-kernel module for Linux 2.6 and it provides framework allowing modification of file system calls in the VFS layer. The RedirFS by itself does not provide any additional functionality and if it is loaded into the Linux kernel, it just occupies some memory space and it does practically nothing. Now you maybe ask yourself a question: "So what is it good for then?". The RedirFS is intended to be used by so-called filters. Filter is a linux kernel module (LKM) that uses the RedirFS framework. Each filter can add some useful functionality to the existing file systems like transparent compression, transparent encryption, merging contents of several directories into one, allowing writing to a read-only media and others. Filter can set pre and post callback functions for selected file system calls (e.g. read or open) and include or exclude directories or single files for which its callback functions will be called. Every filter has its priority - a unique number that defines in which order will the filters be called. The RedirFS manages all filters and calls their callback functions in order specified by their priorities. While the RedirFS is located in the VFS layer, filters can be used generally in all file systems (e.g. ext2, nfs, proc). In addition, the RedirFS allows filters to be on-the-fly registered and unregistered.

RedirFS Features



Linux kernel modules

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all RedirFS Linux kernel modules are licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.

User-space utilities and libraries

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all RedirFS user-space libraries and utilities are licensed under the Boost Software License Version 1.0

Dazuko - A common interface is needed, which allows userland applications to perform online file access control. Dazuko aims to provide that interface.

Data-14 Backup - This project aims to provide an open-source cross-platform CDP (Continuous Data Protection) solution for both server and desktop environments.


The RedirFS project is based on the MSc. Thesis Callback Framework for VFS layer which is a result of the GRISOFT s.r.o. company cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology.

Obluk Karel
Project leader of the world known AVG Anti-Virus system which is developed by the GRISOFT s.r.o. company. Thanks to him and the GRISOFT s.r.o. company the RedirFS project could be started. The RedirFS project is also sponsored by the GRISOFT s.r.o. company.

Kasparek Tomas
Supervisor of the MSc. thesis Callback Framework for VFS layer and another Bc. or MSc. theses developed at the Faculty of Information Technology BUT which are contributing to the RedirFS project.

Hrbata Frantisek
Author of the MSc. Thesis Callback Framework for VFS layer on which the RedirFS project is based and current maintainer of the RedirFS project.

Additional Efforts
People who are somehow contributing to the RedirFS project:

Paolo Ambrosio
Hemzal Jiri
Suchanek Jaroslav
Bracek Jiri
Harper-Dolejsek Michael
Daněk Martin (FIT)
Podroužek Jan (FIT)
Pírko Jiří (FIT)
Zelený Miroslav (FIT)

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